Kevin Simone - Owner / General Contractor

Kevin started out in carpentry at the young age of 16. His brother-in-law owned a construction company at the time, and took Kevin under his wing. He hired him to work on his jobs as a helper. A few years later, Kevin found himself working for a Carpenter full-time and he realized how much he enjoyed it and how rewarding it was to repair a home that had been forgotten about. To have the skill and ability to bring someone’s Home back to life is a wonderful feeling and requires not only skill and knowledge but a desire to create something beautiful with nothing but your mind, some wood and some tools. 
Kevin always appreciates the rewarding feeling of looking back at a project and remembering what the job looked like when he got started and the result when he finished. Installing new kitchens for homeowners, new bathrooms, taking down walls, doing additions and installing new windows are major renovations to a home that affects peoples daily life. Kevin always says a terrific renovation will not only help you enjoy your home, but it is also an investment in your future. 
Kevin‘s wife Michele always talks about how Kevin is not only a carpenter and general contractor, but he also has terrific design abilities. He has the talent to not only build, but he can also design in his mind before he begins the build. He doesn’t necessarily need a set of blue prints to follow when it comes to certain elements of a home, and that talent allowed him to start his own company about 15 years ago. In total, Kevin has been working as a carpenter for over 30 years. 
Kevin is self-driven, a perfectionist and an incredibly hard worker. He has integrity and real pride in his work. When Kevin is not working, he is a big football fan and enjoys rooting for the New England Patriots. Kevin also really enjoys classic cars and dabbles in purchasing cars and fixing them up to sell.


Kevin and Michele Simone are a husband and wife team with over 50 years of combined experience designing and creating beautiful homes that perfectly fit our clients lifestyle. 

We believe that everyone deserves a personal space that provides comfort and reflects their personality.  We achieve this by offering a full service experience from design to construction.  With input from our clients, we drive the process from beginning to end whether we are starting from scratch, or embarking on a major renovation.

Think of us as the "Chip and Joanna" of the Northshore!  We are very laid back and easy to talk with, and we take a lot of pride and joy in producing the vision of our projects.  Often times these projects are a result of someone's long term dreams and years of savings.  And we are always honored to be included in a part of something so significant that will change the way our clients live.

Our projects range from homes to businesses, from the sea to the city, but one thing has never changed...we started our business based on the simple idea that the most loved and successful interiors reflect their residents and speak to their lifestyle.  

We look forward to meeting you!

Michele Simone - Owner / Lead Designer

Michele has been a lover of interior design for as long as she can remember. 
Fresh out of high school Michele met an interior designer and gained a firm understanding of what design is. When she met that designer, a bright lightbulb went on and Michele immediately enrolled in College and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in the Applied Science of Interior Design, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.  
Michele has never changed careers and has grown in various positions in the design field.  She has worked in several sectors of design such as Hospitality, Restaurant Design, Kitchen and Bath Design and her favorite has always been Residential Design. She has often commented how rewarding it is to go into a clients home and make permanent changes that affects their daily life in a positive way. 
She is experienced and wise enough to know that design is not just choosing pretty fabrics and colors. Michele notes that a lot of people have a good eye and can be considered good decorators. But being a great Designer is on a different level. Good Design is the creation of a space that is not only beautiful, but functions seamlessly. Good design should enhance your life and flow with your lifestyle. It will appeal to your senses and help you enjoy the time you spend at home.
Michele always says, having someone with years of experience involved in your project pays for itself. When you hire an experienced designer, that person helps walk you through the myriad of land mines that are out there when trying to choose products and settle on a layout. A good designer will actually save you money on mistakes. A designer can “see” the space before it is created, and knows how to make it happen. When hiring a designer like Michele, you are acquiring her 24 years of experience and knowledge.  A client with someone on their side who can help avoid problems is essentially priceless.  

Michele can be hired for projects that require Interior Design work, but not carpentry or construction.  She has a separate business for that and you can visit her design website at
When she is not working on projects for her clients, Michele enjoys living on Plum Island with her husband Kevin. Michele loves the beach, and even enjoys the wild winter weather that comes along with living on a sandbar in the winter. She often remarks that there is never a dull moment on the island! Michele is a big football fan, she is an amateur photographer, and has a real love of animals and advocates for their ethical treatment whenever the opportunity presents itself.