Simone Renovation and Design

Neil Clark

Neil Clark is our tile installer.  We very fondly refer to Neil as our "tile geek" because he is incredibly knowledgeable about tile, how it is best installed and what the latest and greatest products are.

Neil is a union installer and because of this he learns the newest methods first.  We can personally attest that every single job he does, he does perfectly.  Our clients love him and his work is second to none!

In his spare time, Neil enjoys winter sports fun on his snowmobile, the Patriots (of course!) and spending time with his girlfriend, family and dog.

Bob Jeffrey

Bob is one of our experienced carpenters, hence the image of "Bob The Builder".  Bob has been a carpenter for many years, and takes a lot of pride in his work. 

In his spare time, Bob enjoys sports, Patriots and Red Sox and enjoys spending time at home relaxing with his family.

Chris Beaupre

Christopher Beaupre and his son Drew are terrific guys and have done some great work for us over the last few years.  Chris has been running his own Painitng Business since 1990!  Tons of great experience.  They offer Interior and Exterior services and plastering services are available as well.  They also work on Historic Restorations, which is so important here in the Northeast.  They are very professional and friendly.

Like all of our other sub-contractors, they too are big Patriots fans!  I think we should just require that of anyone we work with!  Ha Ha!!

Peter McLaughlin

Peter is a very experienced and skilled carpenter.  Peter shines on framing projects, but he also does finish carpentry work beautifully!

In his spare time, Peter loves music; he plays several instruments. He enjoys working on his vintage van and last but not least, Peter is taking stunt driving lessons!  What an interesting guy!

Matt Osgood

Matt Osgood is our plumber and another great sub-contractor we were so happy to find and work with!  He runs his own business, Matt Osgood Plumbing, and he always knows all the latest ways to get something done.  He has worked on a lot of old houses with us.  Older homes have the complication of very old plumbing, and it never, ever poses a problem for him.

Most Sundays during football season you will find Matt at Patriots home games, and he's a huge Bruins fan as well!  We posted this pic of his beloved Axle as his profile pic, not because he is a "dog" (haha) but because Axle passed recently and we all love animals very much here at SR&D.  

Dale Smith

Dale Smith is our Construction Supervisor.  Dale has roughly 47 years of experience in the construction/carpentry field.  He has been a continuous Massachusetts CSL license holder since 1983.  He has worked on everything from commercial buildings, to beautiful custom homes.  He has all of the knowledge to build a house from the bottom up, frame to finish.  His mind is like an encyclopedia of codebook knowledge.  We value Dale's experience and opinions greatly and always appreciate him when he is on the jobsite.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle and spending time with his wife of nearly 40 years, his children and grandchildren.

Brenden Moore

Brenden is our electrician.  What a terrific guy, and an even better electrician!  Brenden runs his own business, Brenden Moore Electric.  He works on residential and commercial projects.  We count on Brenden to keep us up to date with the all the latest electrical codes and newest trends.  Things have been changing fast in the electrical world....there always seems to be something new and better than before!  He helps us keep on track with it all!

In his spare time, Brenden is sports fan, in particular, a big Patriots fan, and loves spending time with his family.!

Kyle Sullivan

Kyle is one of our painters that we call upon when we have to move walls and patch in new drywall.  Kyle will mud, tape and sand all of the walls smooth.  Then he will finish paint everything for us!  

Kyle was born into painting...he watched his Mom Coleen Sullivan build her business; Sullivan Painting.  When Coleen was ready to semi-retire, Kyle took over the business from her and has been running it ever since!

Kyle really enjoys training and working out, The Patriots and spending time with his family.

Rob Beaulieu

Rob is our carpenter apprentice.  Rob is a great young guy and is learning the carpentry field at a fast pace.  He is extremely bright and has a natural mechanical talent that no amount of teaching can provide a person.  You will see Rob on almost all of our job sites working hard and producing fine work.

In his spare time Rob enjoys fishing, working out, fast cars and trucks and simply having a good time with great friends.

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams is our hardwood floor installer and refinisher.  I decided to post this image of a cherry hardwood floor Ryan recently refinished for us instead of an image of Ryan.  I was so blown away by the transformation, I felt like this photo says it all about him.  Where it says "Top Floor" is what that the bottom floor used to look like.  WOW!  He does great work, has a great crew and his machines are truly dustless.  

Funny enough, we found Ryan through a fellow passenger on an airline flight.  Once the passenger found out we are renovation specialists, he was excited to show us photos of his renovated home.  We noticed how beautiful all of his floors were, and that was when he told us about Ryan, and the rest is history!  Judging from all of our happy clients that Ryan has worked with, we were truly in the right place at the right time!