Dale Smith - Construction Supervisor

Dale has roughly 47 years of experience in the construction/carpentry field.  He has been a continuous Massachusetts CSL license holder since 1983.  He has worked on everything from commercial buildings, to beautiful custom homes.  He has all of the knowledge to build a house from the bottom up, frame to finish.  His mind is like an encyclopedia of codebook knowledge.  We value Dale's experience and opinions greatly and always appreciate him when he is on the jobsite.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle and spending time with his wife of nearly 40 years, his children and grandchildren.

Dan Slaiby - Carpenter Helper

Dan is our carpenter's helper.  Dan has worked for us on and off while he continues his education.  Dan is a great young guy and a terrific hustler.  You will see Dan working hard on all of our job sites.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys video games, dirt bikes and is a lover of all animals.

Rob Beaulieu - Carpenter

Rob started with us as a helper, and quickly graduated to Carpenters Apprentice. Rob showed a natural talent for carpentry right from the beginning, and within a short amount of time he showed he had ability to learn and retain the information given to him.
Rob continued to learn on the job while being mentored by Kevin and the other seasoned carpenters on our crew. Rob has recently graduated from apprentice to Carpenter. Rob continues to learn and hone his skills every day, and we expect great things from him in the future. 
In his spare time, Rob is an avid fisherman and always seems to have a fishing rod available no matter where we are working. He is also a lover of animals, owning a dog, cat and fish. You will see Rob on all of our job sites, and he is always ready with a smile and positive attitude.

Kyle Tappen - Lead Carpenter

Kyle is a terrific carpenter with 17 years of residential carpentry experience.  He is amazing with finish work, crown moldings and trim as well as custom bookcases and cabinetry.  We are so happy to have him as a part of our team!  You will see Kyle on all of our job sites working away, smiling and making friends with everyone he meets.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys watching Patriots Football, Playing softball and golfing.

Kevin Simone - Owner / General Contractor

Kevin started out in carpentry at the young age of 16. His brother-in-law owned a construction company at the time, and took Kevin under his wing. He hired him to work on his jobs as a helper. A few years later, Kevin found himself working for a Carpenter full-time and he realized how much he enjoyed it and how rewarding it was to repair a home that had been forgotten about. To have the skill and ability to bring someone’s Home back to life is a wonderful feeling and requires not only skill and knowledge but a desire to create something beautiful with nothing but your mind, some wood and some tools. 
Kevin always appreciates the rewarding feeling of looking back at a project and remembering what the job looked like when he got started and the result when he finished. Installing new kitchens for homeowners, new bathrooms, taking down walls, doing additions and installing new windows are major renovations to a home that affects peoples daily life. Kevin always says 
 a terrific renovation will not only help you enjoy your home, but it is also an investment in your future. 
Kevin‘s wife Michele always talks about how Kevin is not only a carpenter and general contractor, but he also has terrific design abilities. He has the talent to not only build, but he can also design in his mind before he begins the build. He doesn’t necessarily need a set of blue prints to follow when it comes to certain elements of a home, and that talent allowed him to start his own company about 15 years ago. In total, Kevin has been working as a carpenter for over 30 years. 
Kevin is self-driven, a perfectionist and an incredibly hard worker. He has integrity and real pride in his work. When Kevin is not working, he is a big football fan and enjoys rooting for the New England Patriots. Kevin also really enjoys classic cars and dabbles in purchasing cars and fixing them up to sell. 

Simone Renovation and Design