Christine Woodman - Design Assistant
Christine grew up the daughter of a builder on Long Island, learned to drive an excavator before she could drive a car and hauled sheetrock for her dad as her first job. She is currently the assistant interior designer at Simone Renovation and Design and feels lucky to be able to build In 3D without hurting her back. Christine believes strongly in the ability of space to influence well being and improve energy and asks a lot of questions to find out how this can be accomplished for each individual or family. She spends a lot of time modeling in Sketch-up and as a result believes she might be able to beat her kids at Minecraft. (Can you win Minecraft?)
Christine lives in Essex with her husband and 5 kids In her free time she does laundry while day dreaming about high end textiles and plays tennis whenever she can.

Marcus Watts - Apprentice Carpenter

Marcus came to us after working another job in construction, so he already knew he loved to build.  Marcus is a quick study and eager to learn.  You will see Marcus on all of our job sites.  He has a positive attitude and a great work ethic.  We expect great things from Marcus!

In his spare time, Marcus makes beautiful custom cheese / cutting boards and loves dirk biking.  Marcus is a new Father, and even though he is a hard worker and enjoys working everyday, he is excited to get home each night to his girlfriend and beautiful new daughter.


Dale Smith - Construction Supervisor 

Dale has roughly 47 years of experience in the construction/carpentry field.  He has been a continuous Massachusetts CSL license holder since 1983.  He has worked on everything from commercial buildings, to beautiful custom homes.  He has all of the knowledge to build a house from the bottom up, frame to finish.  His mind is like an encyclopedia of codebook knowledge.  We value Dale's experience and opinions greatly and always appreciate him when he is on the jobsite.

In his spare time, Dale enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycle and spending time with his wife of nearly 40 years, his children and grandchildren.

Rob Beaulieu - Carpenter

Rob started with us as a helper, and quickly graduated to Carpenters Apprentice. Rob showed a natural talent for carpentry right from the beginning, and within a short amount of time he showed he had ability to learn and retain the information given to him.

Rob continued to learn on the job while being mentored by Kevin and the other seasoned carpenters on our crew. Rob has recently graduated from apprentice to Carpenter. Rob continues to learn and hone his skills every day, and we expect great things from him in the future. 

In his spare time, Rob is an avid fisherman and always seems to have a fishing rod available no matter where we are working. He is also a lover of animals, owning a dog, cat and fish. You will see Rob on all of our job sites, and he is always ready with a smile and positive attitude.