Simone Renovation and Design

Kevin and Michele Simone are a husband and wife team with 56 years of combined experience designing and creating beautiful homes that perfectly fit our clients lifestyle. 

We believe that everyone deserves a personal space that provides comfort and reflects their personality.  We achieve this by offering a full service experience from design to construction.  With input from our clients, we drive the process from beginning to end whether we are starting from scratch, or embarking on a major renovation.

Think of us as the "Chip and Joanna" of the Northshore!  We are very laid back and easy to talk with, and we take a lot of pride and joy in producing the vision of our projects.  Often times these projects are a result of someone's long term dreams and years of savings.  And we are always honored to be included in a part of something so significant that will change the way our clients live.

We have had projects ranging from homes to businesses, from the sea to the city, but one thing has never changed...we started our business based on the simple idea that the most loved and successful interiors reflect their residents and speak to their lifestyle.  

We look forward to meeting you!